Anthony Stone Biography

Ever since he was a boy, Antony had a dream of becoming a movie stunt man. His youth was one filled with sporting achievement, which provide him with the tools to be a great stunt performer. He received provincial colours in gymnastics, judo and swimming. When he completed his army conscription he moved to Los Angeles to begin his career as a stunt performer. While working in Los Angeles, he studied acting, film production and several other aspects of movie making. After three years there he moved to Toronto, Canada where he studied movie explosives to aid his career.

Two years later he returned to Cape Town, South Africa, qualified as a pyrotechnician and began marketing himself as a stunt performer. Over the past decade and a half, Antony has worked on numerous projects with many local and international productions. He has earned a reputation as a stunt performer and stunt coordinator who has a keen eye for safety and a unique creative understanding of his craft. A series of commercials for Fox Sports he provided the stunts for, were awarded the Gold Award at the Canne Film Festival.

In 2000 he made a film in South Africa with an Egyptian action star, Ahmed Sakah. Subsequently he has taken action teams to Egypt to help Ahmed achieve several action packed films that have been extremely well received by their audiences. He has helped Ahmed achieve status as the most liked action star in the Arab world.

In 2002 Antony became the first pyrotechnician ever to export movie explosives into Egypt thus creating a new era for the Arab film market. Having worked with Armand Asante, Christopher Lambert, Antonio Banderas, Sean Patrick Flannery, Jerry Springer, Geana Gersion, Jean-Claude Van Dame, Jonathan Hyde, Casper Van Dien and several other movie stars, Antony has proved himself as a conscious, creative and safe stunt coordinator.

In 2003 Antony formed "Big Bang Stunts & Effects." Antony continues to provide the entertainment business with safe, sophisticated, creative stunt coordination.

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