Gabriel Williams Biography

Since November, 2003, I have been a member/owner of Big Bang Stunts and Effects. Prior to that, I fulfilled the role of First Assistant Director on many local and international productions in the South African film industry, dabbling occasionally in SFX and Stunt work.

What I bring to the Big Bang party is a wealth of technical, pre-production and on-set experience. As an AD, I was responsible for co-ordinating each and every single department in terms of what was required to make the production / shoot possible, as well as controlling the production process on a daily basis with an eye on safety, production cost effectiveness and getting the job done, amongst other things.

This invaluable experience dovetails seamlessly with the Big Bang Enterprise I know what is needed to achieve a shot, I know what is required to prep a shot and I know how long it‚Äö's going to take to do it.

Combined with a partner like Antony Stone, whose international experience and unblemished track record, speak for themselves, we at Big Bang, make one helluva team!

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